Truck blockades

I hate it when semis make blockades on the interstate.

It happens so often. The problem is that when a truck wants to go around another truck, it takes a really long time because they're both larger than an average car.

So they end up blocking off the rest of traffic for a while as they maneuver.

This is so obnoxious to me because honestly, do you really feel the need to go around this guy? You're BOTH driving slower than most cars would like to drive. Just stay behind the other truck and things will be much smoother.


  1. Wow. I can be patient on a two-lane road, especially when it's obvious that the second truck intends to go significantly faster than the first, but there is NO REASON that there should be three trucks side-by-side like this. Ugh.

  2. Most trucks are operating on cruise control, just like you do. It's just as obnoxious for them to turn it off to slow down and get behind someone slower. Add to that that because of their heavy nature, it takes them much longer to accelerate back up to full speed after having slowed down, and they're just as motivated as you to not want to slow down. So just because they're bigger and slower than you, they should do what you yourself are not willing to do?

  3. Sometimes they do that on purpose if there are cops up ahead to slow down traffic so no one gets ticketed... so i think what you REALLLLY mean is thank you truckers!

  4. @Buddy13 Um, yes. That's the nature of driving. Because they are bigger and slower, they're automatically a greater danger to other drivers on the road. It's also why they have a 60 mph speed limit on most roads, while normal cars have a 70 mph speed limit. They don't get to act like everyone else because their vehicles have built-in limitations.