"This is HORRIBLE!"

This woman a few days ago is buying swim shirts (AKA rash guards) for her toddler boys.

She thought they were on sale, but they weren't, unfortunately. Oh, too bad. :(

So anyway, she had gone back to make sure we weren't lying about the fact that the shirts weren't on sale, and when she came back up she was complaining from the very beginning.

"This is HORRIBLE!"

"What's horrible, ma'am?"

"That these swim shirts aren't on sale! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm paying this much, this is absolutely HORRIBLE!"

Okay, so this is obnoxious because it's not even like you're mad about something you think is our fault. You're mad that YOU'RE paying this much. Like, you're mad at yourself.

She goes on and on with this, and she's not being quiet. She's not quite yelling, but people can hear her for sure. Like dude. Calm down. You're SO LOUD.

But I don't say this (of course).

Oh, but it's okay, because she reads my mind! She says, "SERIOUSLY, this is HORRIBLE! I want everyone to know before I leave!"

...Right, but I don't. So...please stop.

Oh, and my favorite part was when she said, "My husband would kill me if he knew I was paying this much for these! Oh my goodness, HORRIBLE!"

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