There's tax? What's that?

So this is a thing that happens kind of often, and it's not a big deal, but I find it strange.

People will come up to the register with two pairs of flip flops and a five dollar bill in their hand. The flip flops are two for five dollars, so the total with tax is $5.30. When I tell them the total, they go to hand me the five dollar bill, pause, interject something like, "Oh!" or "Oops!"and reach for extra money.

From this exchange, I generally conclude that the person has forgotten that there is tax.

How do you do that?

We are a retail store, not a grocery store. There is tax on everything we sell. This is just a very strange thing to forget. I don't understand it.

And it wouldn't bother me if it just happened once. Like, a story about this one time when someone didn't think there was going to be tax on her flip flops wouldn't be blog-worthy. But the fact that it happens on a regular basis is just so unacceptable.

People, try to anticipate the sales tax. Thanks.

Along the same vein, people who are also annoying: people who think tax should be less than it is. "Wow, it doesn't seem like there should have been four dollars added on, are you sure that's right?"

Well if your subtotal is $70, then yeah, there'll be more than four dollars of tax.

And like, honestly. It's not like I calculate tax on my own.

There is no way for the computer to mess that up.

Six cents per dollar just adds up kind of quickly.

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