Spoken interludes in songs

I hate hate HATE spoken interludes in songs.

Note: This does not apply to songs that are mostly spoken word, like Listener or MeWithoutYou. I just can't stand it when people stop their song in the middle to say something that, for some reason, couldn't be sung.

I've always hated this, but it's on my mind right now because we have a lot of Jessie J songs on the playlist at Old Navy. Here's one of her gems. Not only does it start out with spoken word, there's a terrible little interlude you can find at 3:04. (This is where I warn you that there are explicit lyrics earlier in the song.)

Not that this song is great anyway, but like, really? Do you really want to cheese it up even more by suddenly announcing, Hey, this song is TOTALLY TRUE and it's about LOVE!

Remember this one? The interlude is at 2:10.

I especially love how whoever made this lyrics video put the "Oh, you shouldn't have" part in especially big font. Like, this spoken lyric is extremely significant and serious. Britney really means that you SHOULDN'T HAVE. Because she doesn't like you! See what she did there?

The only song I can think of that I do like the spoken interlude to is "Steal My Sunshine" by Len, which, coincidentally, is also on the Old Navy list right now.

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