Right but they were $3 the other day...

During the Father's Day sale, basic tee shirts for men were on sale for $3. It was a ridiculously awesome sale.

The Father's Day sale is way over, though. The basic tees are now on sale for $7, which is not as good.

A woman comes up to the register the other day and informs me, "These were $3 like a week ago."

Oh, really?

I say, "Yeah, that was an awesome sale!"

She then asks if she can get the shirts she has in her hand for $3.

.........Hi, I'm sorry. I'm not sure if you know how sales work.

The fact that you saw something on sale for cheaper than it is on sale for now at some point in your life does not in any way mean you are eligible for that price from now on.

That's just not the way the world works.

This was such a strange request that I legitimately asked her to repeat herself. I truly, in all honesty, did not understand the question, because I didn't know people were this dumb.

She repeated herself: "I mean like, we bought some of the shirts at $3 when they were on sale. If I brought in my receipt or something to prove that I bought them at that price, could I get a price adjustment on these?"

Like...no. I said, "Well if you were exchanging, we would do it as an even exchange, so you'd still get that price...and we do price adjustments the other way, so like if you bought something at a higher price and then saw it was on sale for cheaper within 14 days, we'll adjust that. But...those are $7 now...so...they cost $7..."

I was just so confused! Nobody's ever asked me that before! That would be like expecting to get flip flops for $1 all year round just because you bought a pair of flip flops on dollar flip flop day. It doesn't make any sense.

And the best part is that she had an attitude problem for the rest of the transaction! I'm sorry, don't come up to my register asking me to make up a sale for you and then get all rude when I don't. You're the crazy one.

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