OMG funeral processions

Funeral processions are unnecessary and obnoxious.

The only time I think funeral processions are okay is when it's a super small town and the whole town is basically shut down for the funeral anyway.

Otherwise, you are SO in the way.

I was trying to merge onto the Watterson a couple of days ago and I legitimately had to stop—as in, come to a full stop on the side of the interstate—because this stupid funeral procession was so long and driving so slow.

Then, I was trying to go around the procession, but it was so long (and the other two lanes were backed up more than usual because the funeral procession was taking up the entire right lane) that I wouldn't have been able to get around it in time. So I had to slow back down and get over behind the last car and just wait for them to pass up the exit for I-65.

Also, we were going, like, 40 miles an hour. Why? 

Just drive separately from the funeral home to the burial site. There is absolutely ZERO need to make a parade of it.

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