"My child is FANTASTIC, he would NEVER rip things."

At Old Navy, we have our return policy printed on big pieces of card stock-like material. They're displayed at each register inside a frame-like extension and they can easily slide in and out of the frame.

Sometimes children will reach up and play with the piece of card stock, and that's fine, I don't mind that at all.

But this kid last night pulled the thing all the way out and ripped it. In half.

Like...whoa kid, put that back! And honestly, I still wouldn't have been too mad because he was pretty young, but the mom made me so angry!

I said something like, "Uh-oh!" just so she would notice and give me the thing back.

And she seriously was like, "Oh he didn't do that."

Like...yes he did. I heard and saw him rip it in half. I think there was already the beginning of a rip, but it wasn't ripped completely in half.

So I just said, "Oh, that's fine." But I wasn't going to concede because I knew for SURE that he did it.

She persisted! "No, I promise, he didn't do it."

And I was flabbergasted! I think I laughed. Because like, why are you trying so hard? It's not like I was going to ask you to replace it! It's not a big deal!

But he did do it! He did!

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