I'm sorry, that's not how email addresses work

A few days ago, at Old Navy, I asked a woman for her email address and she said, "W-W-W-dot..." and then the rest of it.

I'm sorry ma'am, that's not how email addresses work. You're not giving me the address to your website. There should be no "www." before it.

However, in the brief moment before I typed it in without the "www." I had a moment of confusion. I suppose, theoretically, you could have an email address that began in that way, because the character, "." is allowed in email addresses. But does this woman really have that in her email address? Or is she just stupid?

I went with the latter and typed her email address in without the "www." and she said that it was spelled correctly when it asked her to verify the address on the screen.

So...just...really? Try to know the difference between a website and an email address.

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