Let me put a quick disclaimer on this one: I have a LOT of friends who do this. And not only acquaintance friends. Some of my actual, real friends say this. But it's a serious issue and I feel the need to address it.

I HATE when people say "FML."

Let me start by clarifying: FML stands for "F*** my life." I feel like there are probably still people who don't know what it means, so I wanted to clear it up just in case.

So anyway, I hate it. Here's why.

People say this when there is seriously nothing really wrong.

Here are a few "FML" examples from a quick Twitter search.
  • "They're working in the elevator in the building, so the lights have been flickering all afternoon. #fml"
  • "Mall on a Thursday night #FML"
  • "SUMMER BREAKK!!!!! for one week then summer school lol fml & all that jazz"
  • "Perils of owning a vehicle...go in for an oil change n tire swap, then they find other stuff..over $1000 later #FML"
Like, really? Really, f*** your life because you only have a week of summer break? F*** your life because you had to pay for some repairs to your car?

Poor baby! Your life is SO HARD.

I just don't really think you're considering the severity of what you're saying. It would be much more appropriate to say something like, "Oh shucks" in all of these situations.

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