"Can you please hurry? I'm in a rush."

It was 5:40 on Sunday and we had a bit of a rush going on. I was training a new employee on register and we were on register one. There were about three other people on register too.

Now, as we all know, the mall closes at 6 on Sundays.

The customer we were taking care of at my register was being a little needy. He wanted us to call other stores and find out what colors the shorts came in. Like, really? I'm totally fine with calling to check on a size, but sending me on a wild goose chase to figure out every color a pair of shorts comes in is just ridiculous.

So anyway, the woman that was in line after him was huffing and puffing and ruffling around her stuff. "Um, is this going to take long? I still need to get to some other stores."

Well excuse me! I answered, "We're on the phone with another store. It's not going to take a super long time, but you can feel free to move to another line if you'd like."

After I said this, she grabbed all her stuff and immediately went to another line. She didn't pick a line, though, she hovered among a couple of them in an effort to establish her place in multiple lines. Which is definitely unacceptable.

While hovering among these lines, though, she noticed a rack of clearance shirts we had up by the registers (we hadn't had a chance to hang them yet). So she got out of line and rifled through them for a few minutes. It's about 5:45 at this point.

Our customer had found a pair of shorts he wanted at another store, so we were doing a charge send, which is where the other store charges your card over the phone and sends the item to your house. (Surprised?)

So anyway, that doesn't require anything on the registers on our part, so we had him move over to the side of the register so that we could check out the next person.

The new employee starts ringing her up, and then the rushing woman ran over and got in line behind her. I was really excited by this because if she had just stayed where she was in the first place, she would have been next in line, so she would have been out a good two or three minutes earlier.

But alas, she had to wait. So as the employee was finishing with the woman before the rushing woman, the rushing woman asked, "Can you please be fast about this? I still have other stores to go to."

Like, yeah. We know. You already told us that. Thanks.

And to top it all off, as the employee was ringing the woman's stuff up, the woman would grab each item from her and put it into the bag herself, as if that's really going to save time.

So, here's the thing. The employee I was training was new. She had been on register one other time and it was just watching someone else. The WORST thing you can do to a new person is rush them. It makes them frazzled and is really just mean.

And honestly, I feel like when you're shopping at a retail store, it's your duty to be patient with new employees. They have to learn somewhere, so why not with you? What right do you have to demand that they work faster? As long as they're not goofing off or texting or something, they should be allowed to go at whatever speed they are capable of.

Now, on to the fact that she was trying to get to another store when there were only twenty minutes left.

The mall had been open since NOON. If six hours is not enough time to shop in the tiny tiny Jefferson Mall, you have a problem. And even if you weren't able to get there until five or something, you don't have the right to demand that everyone moves more quickly for you. Not acceptable.

If you don't even walk up to the checkout until twenty minutes before close, do not plan on having enough time to legitimately go shopping at other stores inside the mall.

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