You just didn't fold this well enough, I'm sorry.

When I'm on register, I fold all the clothes before I put them in the bag.

Old Navy is a pretty fast-paced store, so I can't really spend a whole lot of time on making it perfect, but the fold is definitely good enough.

It bothers me so much when people take it upon themselves to refold their clothes.

You will be home within a few hours. If the way I folded your shirts bothers you so much, fold them again when you get there.

And the thing is, everyone that does this knows it's rude because they apologize every time. "Sorry, I'm just really anal about the way my clothes are folded." You know what? You should be sorry. It's rude.

Even though this is annoying either way, it would be slightly less annoying if you would just tell me beforehand that you're going to want to fold it yourself. Then I could eliminate the step of having to fold them and put them in the bag since you're going to do it a second time anyway.

Along these lines, if you specifically want me to take the hangers off your clothes, tell me BEFORE I put all your clothes in the bag. There is no easy way to reach into a bag and remove hangers.

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