You didn't give her money for the field trip? Are you serious?

A couple came through my line at Old Navy the other day.

They were pretty nice and friendly at first, but then the guy mentioned something about their daughter not having any money for Coldstone today.

The mom asks, "What do you mean?"

"Well, she asked me for money this morning, but I didn't have any."

The wife gets so mad. "Are you kidding me? Kids ALWAYS need money on field trips! What's wrong with you? Oh my goodness!"

The husband is completely taken aback. "I had no idea. She said she wanted money to buy stuff at the mall. I probably would have given her some if I had cash on me, but I didn't have any."

"I absolutely can't believe you, you seriously don't know anything."

Like...I don't know the whole situation so I can't say who's right and who's wrong here. It definitely seems like the wife is being rude, but for all I know, this has happened like five different times this year and the husband really should have known better. But either way, keep it to yourself. I literally heard the whole argument! Couldn't she have just waited until they left the store?

Anyway, the best part was when she entered the incorrect PIN for her debit card. I said, "Oops, can you try that again?"

"Oh was it the wrong PIN?" Then, to her husband: "Oh my goodness, did you change the PIN?"

Okay, just because you're mad about something else doesn't mean you have to snap at him about other things. It just makes you look even worse to me.

Anyway, he answers, "No, it's the same," and then said it out loud. But it wasn't loud loud, he was actually almost whispering.

She FREAKED OUT! "Oh my goodness, don't say it out loud!"

We all know how I feel about people who try to hide their PIN. Like, you are really dumb. For real.

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