"Touch" by Natasha Bedingfield is SO DUMB.

This song is so so so dumb.

Here's the basic plot: Natasha is throwing a party, so she's running errands to get ready for it. During the course of running her errands, she spills coffee on a guy. The guy is mad and realizes that this is going to make him late for work, so he calls and cancels his appointment with the guy who is already waiting in the lobby. The guy who was waiting had been invited to Natasha's party but had said no because he thought he was going to be busy, but now that this meeting is canceled, of course he can go! Then they meet at the party and fall in love instantly.

Okay, so here are the reasons this is stupid.

The whole point of the song is the fact that "every interaction starts a chain reaction." The first thing about the song that bothers me so much is that this isn't really a very impressive chain reaction. This is an example of a more impressive chain reaction. (I know it's not a wonderful poem; that's not the point.)

Like, couldn't there be at least one more person in this story? Because it's really just her, the meeting guy and the guy. His secretary relays the message, but she doesn't really count because she doesn't do anything that affects the story. It would definitely need to be at least one more step removed to impress me.

The second part of the song that bothers me is the fact that this guy had seriously declined a party invitation for a daytime meeting. The boss called and told his secretary that he was going to be late for work, so that definitely means he either hadn't gotten to work yet at all or that he was on his lunch break. Either way, the meeting shouldn't have interfered with the other guy's party plans unless he was planning on it being an all day and night meeting, which isn't a thing.

Unfortunately, since the story isn't far enough removed, the step about the meeting is extremely important, so if we had taken that out, the whole story would have been ruined.

Aaaaand that's why this song makes no sense.

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