Sports terms invading real life

You already know I hate sports.

But do you know what else I hate? I hate when people use sports terms in real life.

Examples include:
  • Game plan- See: Plan of action.
  • Ball park- See: Approximately.
  • Right off the bat- See: First.
  • Step up to the plate- See: Take responsibility.
  • Level the playing field- See: Make things fair. 

There are tons more, by the way. Apparently more than a thousand, according to these guys.

Now, I'm not being unrealistic here; it's not like I hate the people for using the terms. I'm not trying to make some silly argument like, "People shouldn't use sports terms in non-sporting situations because not everyone likes sports."

That would be silly because I realize it's not a conscious effort on their part. It's not like anyone thinks to themselves, "I just love sports so much that I'm going to use sports jargon in everyday life!"

No, the problem I have is that sports are SO pervasive that people speak in sports jargon because it's just what they do. It's in everyone's vocabulary, and it's so well-known that even people who hate sports (like me) know what all the terms mean.

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