"Oh whatever, she doesn't want to help us."

At Old Navy the other day, I was helping a woman find a shirt she was looking for. It was a specific graphic tee, and we have graphic tees all over the place right now, so there were a couple of places to look.

I was on my way from one place to another when two women (apparently a mother and daughter) stopped me. "We need that shirt up there in a medium."

First of all, try to be a little nice about it. You're pretty much demanding that I get you the shirt. It's better to ask.

Usually, when someone asks me for help while I'm helping someone else, I try to find another employee to help the second person.

So when these women stopped me, I looked around and saw that one of my coworkers was right there and asked her to help them. Then I told them, "Alex will help you find it, I'm looking for something for another customer right now."

I was already walking away and one of the women kept talking to me. She was describing the shirt. I, as politely as possible, and with a smile on my face, said, "Alex is going to help you find it."

The other woman says,"Don't worry about it Mom, she doesn't want to help us, she's passed us off onto someone else."

Okay, SO RUDE.

First of all, I think it was pretty obvious from the beginning that I was in the middle of something. There was another employee right there the whole time; why did you feel the need to ask me to help you instead of her?

Second, I don't know if you realize this, but the only other alternative here would be for me to tell you to hold on a minute while I finished helping the other customer, which definitely would have been worse.

Like really, did they think I was going to drop my other customer and help them? Like, "Sorry ma'am, but these two women REALLY need this shirt and your shirt that I've already been looking for for the past five minutes is just not as important."

I'm sure.

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