Oh so I can't use this coupon twice?

Some coupons at Old Navy have generic codes, so they're all the same for everyone. The rest of the coupons have specific codes, so they can be tracked. If someone tries to use one of these more than once, an error message pops up that says the coupon has already been used and gives me a transaction number.

It's usually because the customer already used the coupon online and then printed it out and is trying to use it in store. Maybe some of these customers don't remember doing this, but I'm pretty sure they all do and they're all trying to pull a fast one on me.

This woman comes in the other day and doesn't have her coupon printed out, but wants to show it to me on her phone. This is fine, we do this a lot. Except, oh. You haven't pulled it up yet. So I'm waiting for her to pull it up and she keeps saying it'll only be a second. After about five minutes and having to get two other cashiers to jump on for backup, she finally has it.

She reads the code to me, I type it in and press total, and the error message pops up.

I say, "Oh, it looks like you've already used this coupon online."

She says, "Oh...I didn't realize it worked if you didn't use your Old Navy card. I used it online with my debit card so I didn't think you would know."

Um...really? First of all, it clearly worked if you used it online with your debit card. You would have known if your total wasn't discounted. Duh.

Second, the best way to play this off would have been, "Oh, I didn't realize the coupon was one-time use."

The way she said this, it was clear that she knew she wasn't supposed to use it twice but she was going to try anyway.

Also, how dare you hold up the line that much for a coupon you've already used?

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