Lap-sitting and waiting room magazines

Photo by Nicky Parks <3

Two main things about this picture. Number one, which is the reason Nicky sent it to me: This girl is a little big to be sitting on her dad's lap in a waiting room. How uncomfortable must that be for him? I hope they're not waiting for long or he may need some help getting up.

Number two is something that has always bothered me: Notice that Nicky is reading a magazine. It has one of those obnoxious binders around it. The kind of binder that says, "As your doctor's office, I don't trust you to not steal my magazines." Whether the binders actually deter magazine theft or not, my biggest reason for hating these is how it looks. The idea of providing magazines in a waiting room is a courteous, homey touch. The binder completely offsets this purpose by making the waiting room look unfriendly.

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