I'm just going to go on and clean the freezer out.

Since August, I've been living in an apartment with three other girls. One of them is a friend of mine and the other two are people we didn't know before.

There have been typical roommate fights, and I would definitely say they were pretty bad roommates, but everyone says that about their roommates, so I'm not going to try to explain all the reasons they were horrible.

I just want to tell you one story that was the icing on the cake of a bad roommate situation.

It's approximately moving-out time, and one of my roommates left earlier today.

We share a kitchen, so naturally, we're each cleaning out our part of the refrigerator as we go. I'm not leaving until Thursday though, so I still have a couple days of eating left.

So I just made dinner, and I opened the freezer to get some ice. (We have an automatic ice maker with a lever that you can push up or pull down. Up is off, down is on.)

Okay. So I'm reaching for the ice...and the ice tray is empty.

...Really? So the two options here are:
  1. She emptied the tray into a cooler to keep things cold on the way home. 
  2. She emptied the tray into the sink to get rid of the ice before she went home.
Okay. So I doubt that it's number one, because she doesn't live far away at all and I didn't see a cooler as she was packing up. But if it was this one, I would understand, except for one little thing: she had also switched the lever to off. So it was like she was intentionally getting rid of all the ice. Which is why I'm pretty sure that's what she was actually doing.

Like, really? Did you think everyone was leaving exactly when you left? Are you the only person who lives here? I just don't understand your train of thought at all.

She knew I wouldn't be leaving for a few days because we had talked about it.

But all that aside, there just wasn't any reason to empty it anyway! It's not like a dorm where you're moving your refrigerator out so you have to defrost the freezer. The refrigerator stays! There's no need to make sure the ice tray is empty! AND we all got subleasers who will be moving in sometime in the next few days, so there's even less of a need.

I just want something cold to drink with my dinner, is that too much to ask?

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