"I'll give you fifteen dollars."

This guy comes up to me at work yesterday with a jacket. It's a military-style jacket that was part of the spring line. It's on clearance for $28.99. This is kind of a lot for a clearance item, but it's because it went clearance relatively recently.

The guy says, "Can I get more off of this price?"

I say, "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Well yeah. It's a winter jacket and it's summer."

Okay. That's not a defect, so that's not applicable. And I wasn't going to argue whether it was a winter or spring jacket with him, because that would be pointless.

So instead, I scanned it and said, "Sorry, it's still $28.99."

He answers, "Well, I'll give ya fifteen for it."


This is a store and it is not a boutique. You don't get to barter.

So honestly, that would have been enough. But THEN, he asks, "Well can I just use your employee discount?"

"Haha, unfortunately, you can't."

"Come on. We can pretend we're dating for like five minutes."

"...Nope, sorry."



So after that awkward exchange, which he laughs off oh-so-casually, he asks, "How much is your employee discount anyway?"

"It would've only been 10% since it's clearance."


Right. So just pay the $28.99 or don't buy the jacket.

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