"I mean those look good on you, you have no boobs!"

At work the other day, I had a very charming customer who was inquiring about tank tops we used to sell but that she can't seem to find now.

She's looking for the tank tops with lace straight across instead of in a V like most of the tanks we have.

Her reasoning?

"Women with BOOBS can't wear V-necks! It just doesn't work, SORRY!"

I'm really not interested in this conversation because I don't want to discuss body types with you.

Of course, at the time, I was wearing one of our v-neck lace tank tops. She notices this and says, "I mean, you, you're built just like a girlfriend of mine, she has tiny boobs so she can wear anything!"

Seriously, stop. I'm not trying to discuss boob size with you. Especially not my boob size.

The whole conversation was just so inappropriate and so rude!

And we got into one of those awkward things where one party wants a conversation to be over and the other party realizes this and feels bad about it and so tries to fix the problem with the conversation, but that just meant she kept talking and I kept wanting her to stop talking.

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