Don't feed the animals.

This sign was up in about six different places in a rest area we stopped at yesterday. 

Here are all the problems I have with it:
  1. "Do not give the beggars money" reads to me like the phrase, "Don't feed the animals." Let's try to keep this a little humane, okay guys? I get that you're trying to deter people from donating to them, but how about not making them sound inhuman?
  2.  The word "please" at the top is barely visible. I think it should be a lot more prominent, because the sign seems very forceful overall and having the word "please" the same size as the rest of that sentence would help make it sound nicer.
  3. Did you really feel the need to use dollar signs? I understand what the word "money" means, thanks.
  4. "They are from the local area, they show up everyday. And they tell the same lie." There are several problems here. These three phrases need to be all one sentence or three separate sentences. The third one technically doesn't work as a separate sentence because of the "and," although I start sentences with "and" all the time, so I won't dock you on that one. The first two don't work as a sentence unless you add an "and" in there. Also, "everyday" should be "every day" here.
  5. The whole sign is centered.
  6. All this sign did was make me curious! There weren't any people begging when I was there, so I didn't get to see what the sign was talking about. It was very unfortunate.
  7. And last but not least, wouldn't the people doing the begging just take these signs down before they started? It wasn't the kind of rest area with a desk that's manned by an employee at all times. There was nobody around at all when we were there. You could just take all the signs down before you started begging. Duh.


  1. I really don't mind the inhumanity. If these people are posing as beggars, they deserve whatever treatment comes their way. Yes, an actual permanent sign, that couldn't easily be removed, was a better idea.