Coupons. Use them right.

There are two basic rules when it comes to using coupons.

  1. Bring it with you. There are so many coupons in the world. Lots and lots of them are for Old Navy. You know what? I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ALL OF THEM. I don't know of any that are valid right now. But I'm sure there are some. Here's the thing: Don't show up and say, "Oh, I left my coupon at home but I don't remember what it was." If you remembered, "It's the one that's 25% off one item," I would probably try to give it to you. But if you don't even remember what it was, I don't believe that you ever had it. I think you're just trying to trick me into giving you a coupon.
  2. Read it. The coupon tells you what it can be used for and at which brand and on which dates. Read it before you try to use it and we won't have any problems. This woman yesterday had a coupon that she got for having an Old Navy card, so it was obviously sent to her from Old Navy. But it was to use at Banana Republic. It said this right on the coupon. She said, "Well I think that's misleading because it's from Old Navy." Right, or you could read like an adult.

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  1. My favourite thing was when people would print off two copies of a coupon and expect to get double discount. You aren't even supposed to use them in the same purchase, but they'd print off a copy for every member of their family and have them go through line one by one. And even though we knew, we can't call them on it. Stupid people.