But I have CANCER!

For the past week or so, clearance has been 50% off, but yesterday was the last day for it.

A woman comes in today and asks, "Where are your men's pants that are like six and seven dollars?"

I'm sorry, that's extremely vague.

I ask, "What did they look like?"

She answers, "Well, you know, just the really cheap clearance pants."

...Oh. I say, "Well they were probably that cheap because clearance was half off yesterday, but that's over. I'll show you the clearance section though."

I walk her over there and she starts looking through them.

"Well, can you give me the half off anyway?"

What? "No, I'm sorry, the sale is over so they're all full price now."

"Well, I think you should give it to me because I was at another store yesterday and they didn't tell me it was ending."

I say, "Oh, sorry about that, but we can't honor the sale because it was only on through yesterday."

"Well, I have cancer."

...Oh, yeah? I'm sorry, is that relevant?


"Yeah, I have cancer so I'm trying to save money, but I have to buy a graduation present."

"Okay. I'm sorry about that, but I still can't give you the half off."

"Talk to your manager about it."

Oh, okay, right away. So anyway, I go and ask my manager about it, and he, of course, says, "...No?"

So I go back and let her know. She says, "Did you tell him I have cancer?"

OH MY GOODNESS LADY. That is simply not relevant at all. If you're that concerned about not spending money, just buy the guy a card. I'm sure he would understand.

This just upsets me so much because cancer is serious business. You shouldn't use it as an excuse to get a discount.

So back to the story, I went back to my manager and said, "She wants you to know that she has cancer."

And what a surprise, that didn't change his mind. Wow.

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  1. That's PATHETIC! How could any decent human being have the nerve to try and pull something like that?