Are you really taking up that many seats?

Meet this loser.

He's a total jerk and likes to take up as many seats as possible on the bus.

Here's the thing: If there are only a few people on the bus, take as many seats as you'd like, it really doesn't matter.

I often take two seats when there aren't many people around.

My rule, though, is that if the bus is filled enough that the next person getting on would have to sit next to someone, I will move my stuff.

I think this is a fair rule for anyone with common sense, because what makes you better than every other person that next person might sit by?

You have to move your stuff so that they have an option.

Okay, so back to this loser. First of all, he's taking up five seats. Five. FIVE.

How do you even do that?

But it wasn't a big deal because at first there were only about five people on the bus. I figured he would move his arms eventually.

But no, everyone. Mr. Longarms over here can't be bothered to move his long arms. More and more people were getting on the bus and he continued to sit there with his arms blocking off four more seats than they should have been.

Finally, some brave soul sat down on one of the edge seats and he moved that arm, but even then he kept the other arm up. Like do you not get it? You're SO in the way.

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