$5 bucks!

Thanks for this idea, Jessica Goodman!

This is a screen capture of an actual Taco Bell ad.

They are promoting their "NBA $5 BUCK BOX." Read that. Now read it again. Did you catch it? Because that should be read, "NBA five dollar buck box," because that's how the dollar sign works.

Hey Taco Bell: You don't need a dollar sign if you're also including a slang term for dollar.

Here's my question: Did this actually get by Taco Bell without them noticing or do they think we're so dumb that we needed both the dollar sign and the word "buck" to get their point?

But really, does the reasoning matter? What really matters here is that Taco Bell seriously named a product something redundant, and naming a product includes packaging, advertising, signs in all the stores, etc. Basically, a lot of money was spent on this, and I think it's pretty unfortunate.


  1. I suspect they actually did have a conversation about this during a board meeting and decided that Taco Bell's clientele would be profoundly confused at the absence of a dollar sign. Without context, poor stoners would be left wondering what a "five buck" was. Could it be a reference to a five-point throwing star? Or perhaps the ever-elusive five-point buck they tried to shoot last month? This is both humorous and sad, and I love that you're enough of a grammar nazi to have caught it :)

  2. Uri brought this up not long ago