Yuko Szalay guest blogs: Dirty old men at the Depot

I work at the Home Depot and it’s a general rule that I do not wear make up or dress nice for work. Not only is the Depot filthy, but we also work in the paint department. Our work clothes will inevitably go home with paint splatters.

 Another reason I do not dress up for work is because of the customers. Just like it is for most people in a retail job, the customers are the bane of my existence while I am at the Depot. They whine, they complain, some are nice, but most are rude and will shamelessly hit on any young girl that passes by. And thus I reach the topic of this rant, being hit on by dirty old men who think they’re being smooth.

I’m at work on a rainy Saturday afternoon, walking from customer service back to the paint desk. Suddenly, behind me I hear quiet arguing, but it’s nothing new for me to hear customers argue about this, that, and the other. I ignore it and continue walking until I hear, “Excuse me. Lady!” being shouted in my direction. I stop and look behind me, expecting to see a customer who needs help finding something. But it’s two old men sitting on the display lawn furniture. One of them says, “We have a bet going on how old you are. I think you’re 16 or 17.”

I’m 19, but how am I even supposed to respond to that? What if I was 16 and you were checking me out? Isn’t there something in you that should say that is wrong? Apparently not. 16 isn’t even old enough to work at the Depot anyway. But that’s beside the point. The point is that it’s gross and rude.

When old guys come in to the store checking out all the cashiers and other associates it’s nothing but creepy and disgusting. Do my generation a favor and find some ladies your own age… if they’re not just as disgusted by you.

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