Wanna put some clothes in our fashion show?

People are always trying to get Old Navy to put clothes in their fashion shows. Here's how to ensure your fashion show dealings with Old Navy go smoothly:

  • Be specific about your request. Tell us exactly how many items of clothing you're expecting and how many models are going to be wearing them. "12 pieces" may mean twelve outfits to you, but to a clothing store, a "piece" is one item. There are about three "pieces" per outfit. So if you say 12 pieces, you're going to get about four outfits.
  • Don't change your mind about things at the last minute. Don't call us a couple of days before, when we've already done fittings and picked out all the outfits, and tell us you're adding in a plus-sized model. Um? Is she going to have time to come over and try things on?
  • Be in contact with us early. So you dropped off the information and confirmed that we were going to be in the show about a month ago, cool. You NEVER contacted us since then; we had no idea what was going on. We actually tried to call you a couple of times and got no response. So don't show up on Tuesday when the show's on Friday. We have changed our minds. 
  • Don't be ridiculous on the day of the show. Yeah, I get that you're stressed out, but you also need to be professional. You should not be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You should be collected. You should NEVER yell at the people whose clothes are in the show, because then we will never want to work with you again.
So follow these rules and sure, we would love to have our clothes in your fashion show.

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