Walgreens employees, get it together.

This seriously cracks me up.

Jessica found this sign on the photo machines (yes, plural, as in this sign was hanging on each of the three machines) at the Dixie Highway/Greenwood Road Walgreens in Louisville. 

So here's what's wrong with this design-wise:
  • The font. Wow. You're trying to communicate something to your customers. How are you going to do this if they can't read the words?
  • The fact that it's centered. Is it a poem? Even if the answer to this is yes, don't center it.
  • The fact that they couldn't even cut it out right. Like, how is that difficult? You cut off part of the d in "doesnt."
And here's what's wrong with it grammatically (As far as I can tell, it says: "If your phone number doesnt come up. And your a known customer. Re-enter your phone number"). So the problems are:
  • "If your phone number doesnt come up." This is not a sentence. It is the beginning of a sentence. When you put a period after it, that makes it a sentence fragment.
  • "doesnt" should have an apostrophe.
  • "And your a known customer." This is also not a sentence. It should be the second part to the first sentence.
  • "your" should be "you're." The second one, that is, because there are three.
  • This is a little picky, but "known customer" doesn't really make sense. It should be "and you know you're in the system" or "and you've used the Walgreens photo center before."
  • "Re-enter your phone number" This is the only one of the three pieces of text that is actually a sentence all on its own. In this context, all three of the sentences should be combined into one, but this one would have been okay, except they didn't put a period on it. Really? Because you've been so period-happy before.
Just wow, Walgreens. You need to step your game up. You're a pretty professional place in general.

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