There are so many open seats. Please sit down.

Okay, I find this so annoying.

When there are open seats on the bus, please sit down.

In most situations, sitting down should be a matter of choice. If you walk into a room and don't sit down, that's not weird. (Unless it's a classroom or a restaurant or something.) On the bus, though, you should always sit if possible.

  1. When you stand up on the bus, no matter where you're standing, you are in the way. The guy in this picture is standing in the way of the door, but wherever you stand while on the bus, you're going to be in the way at some point.
  2. Buses are vehicles. It's safest to be seated in a moving vehicle. They stop fast and they get in accidents sometimes. I mean, in most other vehicles, you're required to have something strapping you in. Standing is just not the safest way to go.
  3. Also, when you're standing in a moving bus, you always look dumb because the bus makes turns, stops and starts a lot, etc. You're always swaying and losing your balance. Usually this is fine because you're not going to be the only person without a seat. But if you're the only person standing up, and you're not standing up for a reason, people are just going to think you're dumb when you stumble around.

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