So like, about this government shutdown thing...

I overheard the best conversation ever in the fitting room last night.

These two college-age girls were sitting on the bench in the fitting room waiting for their friend. One is playing with her iPhone as she waits.

"Oh my goodness, did you know our government's about to shut down?"

Okay. The way you've worded this makes me think you think the entire government will be shutting down, which is not the case. You also seem to think it's definitely going to happen, which it may or may not. Especially because at the time of this conversation, there was still an entire day left.

The other girl, though, is even worse. She responds, "Pfffft, yeah right."

So, do you think she's making this up? I don't...that's such a weird reaction. Also, the fact that you guys hadn't heard of it until just now is a problem all on its own.

"No for real, they have to decide on a budget by tomorrow or else the government shuts down. My dad works for the government; he'll have to work without pay."

Okay. First of all, I'm gonna say your dad probably works for the state government. It's possible that he works for the federal government, yes, but we are in Michigan, so probably not. So this probably doesn't affect him at all. But also, he wouldn't be expected to work without pay, he would just not be going to work. (Which is still bad.)

"Well my mom works for the government too and I haven't heard about it."

Good for you, that means absolutely nothing. And your mom probably also works for the state government.

"I don't know, I just know that if they don't decide on a budget by tomorrow, the shutdown goes into effect."

"Okay, seriously, they would never let that happen."

Except that it's happened before...?

I seriously couldn't keep my mouth shut at that point. I was like, "It's happened before. In 1995."

Best part: After I said that, the first girl was like, "Yeah!"

Um, don't try to pretend you knew that.

But anyway, the second girl still didn't believe her and they both left just as dumb as they were before.

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