Rude alert in the library

I already think Michigan State's library is pathetic because it's not open 24/7 and the wireless is not good.

I'm in the library right now, though, and there is some sort of construction going on, either in the stairway or in the elevator.

Either way, there is a serious amount of noise going on and I'm so annoyed by it! First of all, the library is NOT open 24/7, so why is this not happening when it's closed?

Secondly, you should always make your best effort to keep things quiet at all times since it's a LIBRARY! And if there's something happening that isn't quiet, whoever makes these decisions should schedule things like this at a time when the least amount of people are going to be here, like the middle of the night!

Or if you just don't want your workers to have to come in in the middle of the night, choose a reasonable time like 8 AM or something, when most students are either in class or asleep.

Seriously, I'm trying to concentrate!

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  1. Concentrate??? On what? Your blog? Idiots abound!!!!!