This is my third Easter in East Lansing. I don't go home for Easter because it's only a normal weekend. It's not like we get an extra day off school, my home is still 6-7 hours away.

Okay. I feel like nobody freaked out about this until this year.

At work on Thursday, one of my older coworkers asked, "So you're going home later tonight then?"

And I was like..."No?"

"Oh, are you leaving tomorrow then?"

"No, I'm not going home.

"OHHHH, you're NOT going HOME for EASTER???!?!?"

"No, I mean, it's just like a normal weekend, you know?"

"Oh my gosh, you don't get to go home for Easter, that must be so hard!"

Like, what? No? I mean, it's no harder than the fact that I'm not home ever in the first place.

It's just Easter! Maybe I'll eat a ham sandwich.

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