No, this coupon has not started yet.

Stuff and Save started today. This is a semi-annual sale for Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic cardholders. They get 20% off their purchase and a cute tote bag.

Cardholders got a coupon in the mail to tell them about the event. The coupon runs from April 22 (today) through May 1.

So tell me why more than five people showed up trying to use the coupon yesterday.

Like, do you not read? It clearly says, in font that is not small, on the FRONT of the coupon, "4/22-5/1," so why would you bring it in on 4/21 and try to use it?

I mean, I feel like a pretty basic rule of coupons is that they're only valid for a certain amount of time. You have to use them during the time they're valid or they won't work.


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