"Man, they totally sold out."

I hate it when people complain about bands "selling out."

This is mostly because people use the phrase "selling out" far too loosely.

I saw a Facebook comment the other day about how Pomplamoose had sold out by doing that Hyundai commercial.

Here is a Pomplamoose song, and this is generally how they do things:

And here is their commercial for Hyundai.

Here's my thing: selling out is doing something you wouldn't normally do for money. So maybe if the Hyundai commercial was completely different from their usual style, that could be considered selling out. (Although it still doesn't automatically make them sellouts.)

The main reason I think this is ridiculous is that there's nothing wrong with making money from what you love to do! That's the goal with every musician! Obviously, one of Pomplamoose's goals when they started making YouTube videos was to make money. They're partners on YouTube, which actually implies that they're making quite a bit from their videos.

SO WHAT if they make a car commercial? It's getting their music out there in a big way, and the most important part is that it's THEIR music. That's the way they make music and it's so original and great, so Hyundai wanted to feature them in their own unique way. I don't see how this can be considered a bad thing.

To me, selling out means doing something that would normally not be a good idea (working for an evil company, for instance) just because it was going to pay well.

Participating in this car commercial is NOT selling out.


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