Lauren Bergh guest blogs: Go back to the fashion world you came from

Ok, so I'm a pretty respectful student and give most teachers the benefit of the doubt even though I think they might be better suited elsewhere. But my Retail prof makes me hate my life and his class every day. There are several reasons, and there is a moral to this rant.
  1. He's arrogant. He worked in retail as a manger and buyer for many years and worked/lived in California. I get that you wear nice clothes. I admire them. But not when you tell us we wear ugly clothes.
  2.  I try to participate because he tends to like people who speak up. I sit right near the front, take notes, and make eye contact. The first time I engaged in a class discussion with him, he wanted to know about people buying cars. I had just brought home my own new vehicle, so took the bait. He rolled his eyes at me when I was telling him about Consumer's Report. Uhh....ok. Whatever. You don't like my car. I'll let it go. But several interactions later, I just gave up trying to talk to him. He makes a snide remark to anything I say. Now, I just refuse to talk to him. Way to make me want to learn from you. You don't need to be condescending to the people who are trying to get something out of your course. You're the instructor. Obviously you know more than we do. That's why you're teaching.
  3. He's inappropriate. I get that you're a middle-aged, unmarried jerk, but asking girls to model their "designer jean pockets" because their "a** looks good in them" is super inappropriate. I can see you looking down every girl's shirt. 
  4.  He has the most annoying voice ever.
This is all to say....get out if you don't want to teach. I understand some people teach because they've failed in the field they wish they were in, but the thing is, this guy is teaching because he wants to. And he's terrible at it. Go back to your favorite stores and work in Sak's Fifth Avenue like you always talk about wanting to do. I'm sure they'd appreciate you more than we do.

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  1. Any teacher or prof. commenting on any students a@# and looking down their shirts is commiting a crime. It is called sexual harassment, and I am pretty sure that is not what you, and your fellow students or their parents are taking out loans to pay for. This is a reportable offense and should be treated as such. Being a jerk is one thing, being a "professional" using your positional to sexually harrass young adults is illegal.