Dot-com businesses with storefronts

I'm fine with your online business having an actual storefront. That's fine. But you don't need to call your actual store FantasticProm.com. Just call it Fantastic Prom.

Your online customers will still get it.

The "dot com" part does not need to be in your official business name.

Like, do you not see how stupid this sign looks? You're not on the Internet here, you're in real life!

And when you actually go to FantasticProm.com, it's just a thing advertising for the store, and then there's a link to go to their online store, which is at a different web address. WHAT? FantasticProm.com, you're doing it wrong.

AND, that link to the online store says, "Visit FantasticProm.com at our Online Store on the Internet." REALLY? Redundant much?

And another thing about this store: I've never actually been inside, because, well...why would I?

But they always have some seriously ugly dresses on display in the window, and then I'll look past those and see cuter dresses inside. What's up with that?

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! Actually, I have a theory that sometimes people just regurgitate strings of words that don't necessarily form a coherent thought. These "prom.com" people fit the bill.