Tickle fight!

Photo by Sarah Choate <3

This was in a fitting room at Kohl's.

What are you doing?

You are in a public place. It's not like you're inside a stall of a fitting room, you're in the lobby of the fitting room, where anyone can walk in and see you.

Also, you are adults. You are not teenagers, though this still wouldn't be okay if you were.

Put your tickle fight on pause and go home. When you get there, feel free to continue out of the line of sight of poor, innocent shoppers.


  1. Holy Crap I am sooo jealous of the lobby of your fitting room. Who cares about the tickle fight. I might get mugged in the hole in the wall i have to try clothes on in my Kohl's. Unfair. I will trade you tickle fights for nice shopping.