They played my favorite song, yayyyy!

You know what bothers me at shows?

People who get super excited about the band/artist playing their favorite song when it's not even an obscure song at all.

"Oh my gosh, Lady Gaga totally did 'Teeth' during the show! I was so surprised!"

Why? Why were you surprised? It's possibly her most popular song that was never a single. And it's from The Fame Monster, not The Fame, so it's the most recent release. And honestly, who goes to the Monster Ball without looking up the setlist first?

"Wow, Motion City Soundtrack was so good, they even played all my favorites like 'The Future Freaks Me Out' and 'L. G. Fuad'!"

Yeah, of course they did. Those are two of their biggest singles ever.

Along those lines, also annoying: people who leave before the encore because they actually think the concert's over.

Like honestly, if Lady Gaga hasn't played "Bad Romance" yet, the concert's not over. If Kings of Leon haven't played "Use Somebody," the concert's not over. Don't start walking away.

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