So tonight, at Derby Dinner Playhouse...

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar at Derby Dinner Playhouse tonight. It was great, they did really well.

Tell me why this old couple was offended during Mary's part of "What's the Buzz" and walked out right before the third song of the first act.

Really? You couldn't even wait for intermission?

And really? Did you not know what the play was about before you came to it?

Another thing that annoyed me: At Derby Dinner, the waiters are also the actors. So they're bringing you dessert during intermission when they're undoubtedly thinking about other things (like, you know, the play). And they don't really have much time at all because they each have like fifteen tables or something.

So my waiter, who is also an apostle in the play, is making his trip around to offer water/coffee/tea before he brings the desserts out. These three older women are at a table and they said "No, thanks" when he asked if they wanted coffee.

He moves on and he's about three tables down from them and one of the women apparently changes her mind about the coffee, because she starts waving for him frantically.


He's not looking over at their table because he's focusing on the people whose table he's actually at. She's getting visibly annoyed, which is ridiculous because he was JUST there and asked if you wanted coffee and you SAID NO.

Then she gets up and walks over to him like, "Excuse me, I guess you didn't see me, but I changed my mind about the coffee."

You know what? You can wait! And he totally stood up for himself and I was so glad. He was like "Oh, okay, if you go on back to your table I'll come around to you after I get to everyone."

Um, winning!

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