So, in the other test I had yesterday...

Yesterday, I had two tests. I blogged yesterday about the first test, which was annoying because of annoying students.

But my second test was annoying because of the prof, of course!

Okay. I have three classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Yesterday, I had a test in both of my early classes, so I wouldn't need to be taking notes, and my late class doesn't require paper ever, which is great.

My backpack gets pretty heavy, so I always pack exactly what I need.

That morning, when I was packing my backpack, I put in:
  • The books I needed to review for my tests
  • The AP Stylebook because I was meeting a group for my online class
  • My binder with printed Powerpoints to review for a test
  • My computer
  • My folder for the classes the tests were in, which included three blue books, because I needed one and I'm paranoid so I needed to have extras

What did I not pack? A notebook, because there was absolutely nothing I would need to be writing down.

So I get to my second class and I'm reviewing my notes before the test starts.

My prof comes in and says some garbage asking whether we're ready for the test, and then he says, "Okay, get a couple sheets of paper out to write on."

Excuse me!

He did not tell us we would need anything for this test. Actually, when we asked if we needed a blue book, he said, "Oh no, no, you're fine."

That would have been a really good time to tell us that we would need to provide our own paper.

If I hadn't brought extra blue books, I wouldn't have had any paper.

Just saying, I use a computer a lot, so I don't always have paper on me. So if I need some for something important, let me know in advance. Thanks.

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