Sexy times on the bus

Excuse me, guys.

You, unfortunately, are not the only people on this bus.

We can all see you making out and laying all over each other.

As far as I can tell, you just came from a dorm room, so you probably had all kinds of alone time. You don't need to have both of your arms around him in an embrace the entire time you're on the bus.

And you don't need to kiss him upward of five times in three stops.

And you also don't need to make sad puppy dog eyes at him when he's leaving the bus, because I'm sure you will see each other, if not later today, definitely tomorrow.

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  1. Your probably just jealous that same thing isn't happening to you.... Jus' saying. I like pda. It proves that there is love and nice things happening around to counteract self loathing and boring people like yourself (: