People who try to hide their PIN from me

I'm a trustworthy person. I've been a cashier at Old Navy for about two and a half years.

Anyone who works retail knows companies have to keep an eye on anyone who handles money. I'm fine with the precautions they have to take because I understand that things have happened in the past to make companies unable to trust their employees.

Along these same lines, I understand that as a customer, you want to be as careful as possible with your money. I don't blame people for counting their change when I give it back to them or for checking to make sure I gave them their credit card back.

But you know what's extremely obnoxious and pointless? When people try to hide their PIN from me.

Here's why.

Even if I do see your PIN, those four digits do nothing. Any number of people can have the same PIN. It's the card number that matters.

Okay, so you're hiding your PIN so that I can't steal your card number and then use it with the PIN, right? Well how do you expect me to get your card number? There's absolutely no way for me to do that. The only thing that shows up is the last four digits, which, again, doesn't tell me anything.

Also, if I somehow got your card number, your PIN wouldn't matter because you could just use it as a credit card online and they don't ask you for a PIN there.

And as much as you think you're slick, it's SO obvious when you cup your hand around the keypad or tilt the whole machine up so I can't see it. Trying to hide your PIN as you enter it does nothing but make you look like a paranoid jerk.

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