Oh my debit card didn't work? Lemme try fifteen more times.

I've mentioned before that people at Old Navy always slide their cards too soon. This is because we don't have the type of system that lets you slide your card at any point during the transaction; you have to wait until the end.

Usually, if someone slides his or her card too soon, I say something like "Oh sorry, it wasn't quite ready, can you try it again for me?" And then the person slides the card again and all is well.

Okay, tell me why this person the other day:
  1. Swiped her card too soon, then:
  2. Swiped it again before I could say anything, then:
  3. I told her when it was ready and she swiped it backward (like no, you were swiping it the right way, it was just too soon, LIKE I SAID), and then:
  4. Finally swiped it correctly.
Geez, lady! Four times, really?

But the kicker is: she had forgotten to grab something, so then she had to do another transaction, and what a surprise, she did the EXACT SAME THING. Really?

Four times both times.


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