Microsoft Word, you are sending me mixed signals.

Today I was typing the sentence, "Irving Penn is one of the most well-known fashion photographers of the 20th century." This should be hyphenated because it's a compound modifier. If I was saying "Irving Penn is very well known," that would not be hyphenated.

So anyway, I type "well-known" into Word and it underlines it in green, indicating that I used the phrase incorrectly.
I right click the phrase to see what Word doesn't like about it, and the correct phrase it shows is "well known."

Silly Word. I know that this is wrong, but I select it anyway to humor the program. But it apparently doesn't like the phrase without a hyphen either, as the green underline returns!
 Oh really, Word? What would you have me do to fix this?

I click to check. Oh, you want me to add the hyphen back in. Of course. I do this a few more times, in order to ensure that I'm not going crazy, but Word just keeps sending me back to the other way.

I check in my handy-dandy AP Stylebook to make sure I'm correct, and I am.

But still. Word. Get it together.

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