Meghan Spork guest blogs: "Too bad you're an idiot."

Now this situation is a little special just because of my relationship to the guy who commented.

First off, I know this guy through my previous summer job. He is the community center director for a Salvation Army church where I used to work as a day camp counselor in the summer. Granted, we have a pretty informal relationship, (texts and facebook messages instead of phone calls and emails), but really?

Second of all, as an employee for the Salvation Army, I figured not only would he have something better to do than troll facebook during his work hours, but that he might also understand about asking people to donate to a good cause. The link I posted was about MSU’s Relay for Life team trying to raise money to fight cancer. Durh. Though I know the man is a devoted Notre Dame fan, Relay for Life really has nothing to do with MSU as an institution. It doesn’t deal with the administration or sports. Come on now.

And last but not least, you had enough time to be trolling my wall during work hours, but you don’t have enough time to check for spelling errors before you press enter. Really?

Dude, your comment is just all sorts of inappropriate and stupid.

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