March Madness

March is the worst month ever for one reason: March Madness.

March Madness is horrible because it's everywhere.

Everyone fills out brackets because there's money to be won! And everyone loves money.

The problem with this is that it makes everyone care about every game because they have a stake in every game.

As a result, the games end up EVERYWHERE. On Facebook, in classes, everywhere, it's all I seem to hear about.

And it's not only March Madness. The conference tournaments are happening right now, and I get the distinct pleasure of watching multiple games a day with Matt and my dad! How wonderful!

Then the bracket selections will happen next Sunday and nobody will want to talk about anything but basketball for the next month, which is pure torture.

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  1. I know how to fix this for you. Become a Catholic. You can give up watching sports every year for Lent. It's perfect. No one can say boo to you about it, because well really it's a great excuse. Lent rolls around at the same time every year, give or take, so you would always miss March Maddness, which is the worst. It's a win win. Plus I could be your Godmother. Win win Win. Something to think about.