Low-budget local commercials

The only thing this commercial does is make me NOT want to go to this place.

Like, they actually paid money to make this commercial, and then they also paid money to air it.

Here's a Christmas one:

Just wow.

Here's another ridiculous one:

I just don't understand things like this. When I make something, I know if it's good or bad. And if it's bad, I'm embarrassed to show it to anyone until it's better.

These commercials are horrible, but with each one, someone actually made it, watched it and decided they were proud enough of it to put it on actual television.

I don't understand it!


  1. But they are so horrible that you remember them, post them in your blog, and now other people see them... Hmmm. Sounds like good marketing.

  2. And just think, Kristin, whenever these ads are made, especially if it's by a big company, you have to remember that chances are there were other ideas. Other suggestions from other people. And these won. They were the best of the lot.

    And this is why I've no faith in people.

  3. This is super funny because this was actually our topic of discussion at dinner this evening. Dash wanted to talk about what type of commericals were everyones least favorite and these were a top honor. Were you here for dinner? I did not see you.