Here's a TV. You don't get to choose which channel.

I had a dentist appointment today because I apparently have TMJ. (Winning!)

There's a lot of waiting involved in dentist appointments. I had never been to this dentist before and was delighted to see there were televisions on each dentist chair.

As the first girl left to get the dentist (and of course, the dentist usually takes between twenty and thirty minutes to get to the room) she turned the TV on.

It was on some channel called "Great American Country" and there was horrible music happening, so as soon as she was out of the room I pressed the channel down button, only to find out you can't change the channel.

They have some horrible setting where it has to stay on the channel it's on all the time.

I don't understand why they would choose to do this. If you're going to have a TV for your patients to watch, let them control the channel.

I was annoyed enough by the channel selection that I turned the TV off.

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