I'm giving you these flowers whether you want them or not.

So this is something that bothers me a lot.

When someone dies and the family includes in the obituary, "In lieu of flowers, please donate to Whatever Charity," DO NOT send flowers.

They don't just say that for their health. They don't want your stupid flowers. 

Flowers at a funeral are stupid anyway because, honestly, what is the family going to do with fifteen gigantic flower arrangements?

But I do understand that you wouldn't know what else to get if the family doesn't specify something.

But SERIOUSLY. If they DO specify something to donate to, donate to it! There's no reason to get the family tons of flowers. 

Reasons flowers are not a helpful gesture:
  1. They're cumbersome. I really don't want to have to worry about transporting several gigantic flower arrangements home after the funeral. They fall over in the car and spill water everywhere and they're heavy and it's just frustrating to deal with.
  2. That is SO MUCH MONEY wasted. The point of asking for donations to a charity is that they want to raise money for that charity. A good flower arrangement is at LEAST $50, and that adds up really quickly. All that money could have gone to the charity they ASKED you to give to!
  3. They're ugly. Most people probably won't agree with me on that.
So anyway, just respect the family's wishes and donate what you would have spent on flowers to charity.

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