Did we need a blue book? What's that?

Okay. There's a thing in college called a blue book. There might be other names for it at other places. I don't really know.

They're little books stapled together with pieces of notebook paper and you use them during exams to write essays. I don't really know why, but some professors prefer them to, say, regular paper. You can get these for free at the student services building or you can pay about a quarter for them at the student bookstore or Sparty's (the convenience stores throughout campus).

So whatever. Yeah, they're kind of stupid and it's a hassle to go out of your way, but sometimes you just have to.

Okay, so I had a test in one of my classes this morning (actually, two, but this story is only concerning one) and the prof had told us last Monday, as in February 21, that we would need a blue book for the exam. He asked if we had any questions or anything and nobody said they did.

Then he told us again on Wednesday, February 23. Also on Wednesday, he sent out an e-mail explaining the format of the exam and that we would need blue books.

Then, in class on Monday, he also reminded us that we would need a blue book.

Tell me why like five people in a 30 or so person class showed up without a blue book. Like what is wrong with you that you are unable to follow instructions? I don't understand.

But it gets even better. So before he hands the test out, which is after about three people have had an "OMG I don't have a blue book" freak out, he's like "Okay, everyone get your blue book out and put away all your notes and stuff and we'll get started."

He hands out the tests, I've already started writing my first essay, and these two girls, who are foreign exchange students, start freaking out. They apparently didn't know what a blue book was. Okay, I get that English isn't your first language so maybe you didn't understand when he said "blue book." But this is a 400-level class. You are not a freshman. You should know what a blue book is. And if you didn't know what it was, why did you not ask him one of the four times he told us about it?

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  1. Its where you have 3 essays and you have to study all of them not knowing which one you'll get. Then on test day your teacher says which one you get and you write it. Hope you get the one your best at. I have to do them freshman year in high school. Had to get the 1 teacher who does it.